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The Jamaican Pride Cup is every Jamaican's essential drink holder. Picture yourself starting your day in Montego Bay, sipping on your morning mint tea as the sun rises. This cup ensures your tea stays warm, giving you that perfect start to the day. And when the day heats up? Pour in a cold rum punch and let the cup keep it chilled. No more worries about hot drinks burning your hand or cold ones leaving a wet ring on your table.

Decorated with our vibrant Jamaican flag, this cup is more than just functional; it's a symbol of our culture and pride. Fancy a personal touch? You can customize it with your name or parish. It also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who holds Jamaica close to their heart. From quiet mornings to lively family gatherings and big celebrations like Carnival, the Jamaican Pride Cup is there to make every moment special. And when evening comes, pour in some chilled sorrel and toast to the beauty of Jamaica.


.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l).: Double wall insulation
.: Comes with a plastic lid and straw
.: BPA-free material

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